The Double Grind | Smoothie As Speed Gel

The group stayed together except on the climbs. Credit: Wes Salmon.
Bicycle culture

In this episode our fearless (and uninformed) hosts review the latest in ridiculous news from the cycling world. Our worst fashion nightmare has returned to Europe to race the Tour de Suisse so we decide to discuss men with shaved bodies lathering themselves with gels. Did we do any rides last week? Maybe (we didn’t). But we’ve got some sweet ones coming up right? No? Well at least the “Chef’s Hand” segment was decent and no soft delicate hands were hurt in it’s production. Finally we review the Ridic Dicks who tried to Body Shame Jessica Cutler (spoiler: two thumbs way down) but that doesn’t stop us from body shaming each other. Plus other stuff.

Are you going to join in Chef Craig’s “Health Issue” drinking game or are you too busy replacing your plant-based protein powder with a whey option? Let us know in the comments.

Hosted by Michael “PruDog” Pruitt, and Chef Craig Hetherington.

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