The Double Grind | Kanza Is Fun?

Ian Tubbs Releasing The Recliner

On today’s episode we talk to someone who actually knows stuff, Ian Tubbs. Unlike us he actually does well at big events like Dirty Kanza. Although he claims there are no piranha in Kansas so maybe it’s all a hoax. We chat about rides and Chef Craig saves PruDog from Zuchinni. And our overly helpful editorial board learns what happens when they try to do us a solid and “fix” an episode title. (hint: sarcasm happens.)

Hosted by Michael “PruDog” Pruitt and Chef Craig Hetherington.

Food Triage w/ Chef Craig
Zucchini Fritters: Slice the Zucchini in small rounds. Dip in an egg & milk mixture. The Dredge in a mixture of flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Fry in butter. Eat. Maybe wait a bit because they will be HOT HOT HOT.

What we rode
Wanna check out the Jungle Grind PruDog rode last Sunday? The route is here Note there is also some short out and back bits as we checked out some trails. The route includes sections with all of the following pavement, groomed gravel, loose gravel, rough gravel, rutted dirt, baby heads and roots). PruDog rode the course on his Raleigh Willard with 42c Sawtooth tires.

What we gonna ride:
Germesse Club North (Urban Gravel / Dirt) route is here. Be sure to ride it in the morning, traffic pics up around noon.

Interested in joinging The Big Corn Dog ride? Check out the Facebook page Note this is a very hard ride, no support ride annual group ride. Mostly groomed gravel (the Iron Horse) but there is a short cut through a MTB section)

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