The Double Grind | Trombley Begins


In this episode of The Double Grind Michael and Craig chat with Seattle-area gravel veteran Robert Trombley about Dirty Kanza, gravel and endurance rides, and gear. Other discussion topics include: condom colored chain wax, comebacks, what we rode, what we gonna ride, and Chef Craig tolerates the Oddly Incompetent Middle-Aged Man and maybe teaches us how to cook some carrots well. Plus we grind up some products to let you know what’s cool and what sucks.

01:00 In The News
07:20 Dirty Kanza 2018 recap and tips w/ Robert Trombley
29:00 Fashion Pros, Fashion Nos
35:29 Who Said It?
37:31 What We Rode: Corndog Ride recap w/ Robert Trombley
43:31 What We Gonna Ride
50:25 Food Triage With Chef Craig
57:00 Gear Grind-up: Cool Products
65:00 Gear Grind-up: Broken Products

Products Mentioned in this Podcast

Mission evaporative products
Hyperkewl evaporative wristbands
Wolftooth pack pliers
Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

Routes Mentioned in this Podcast

2018 Mini Corn Dog

2018 Jalapeno Ride

Hosted by Michael “PruDog” Pruitt and Chef Craig Hetherington.

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Twitter: @thedoublegrind
Facebook: @thedoublegrind

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