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View of Bellingham Bay from mid-ride at the Chuckanut Grind

Remember how Tenacious D made played the best song in the world and then forgot it so had to do a tribute song instead? Well, let’s just say we just recorded the best podcast in the world but thanks to an ill-timed software crash you’re getting this tribute episode instead! That’s right it’s the infamous missing episode 107 from back in June where Chef Craig, PruDog and Younger Brother of the Pod Geoffrey rode the Chuckanut Grind. We break it down for you in excruciating detail. But before that we pontificate on the news post-Giro and pre-Dirty Kanza. Plus there’s a new (or is it now old?) edition of Death Bike. You’ll love it. Maybe. Look, it’s better than nothing.

2:46 In The News: post-Giro / pre-Dirty Kanza edition
16:41 Feature: Death Bike
39:51 What We Rode: Chuckanut Grind Review
57:09 What We Gonna Ride

Chuckanut Grind Route (modified):

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