Co-Workers as Fitness Allies

It’s been a hard day at the office. Deadlines loom, you feel like you hopped from meeting to meeting without being productive, and you realize that you might have to work from home after you put the kids down tonight. Going for a run is the last thing on your …

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Changing Weather, Shifting Gears

This month’s rapid rise in temperatures transformed an epic snow season into a sorry mix of slush, ice, & Cascade concrete. Was I ready to shift gears & get my mountain bike out of cold storage? Not really. But what was the alternative? I was taken aback when the best …

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Lunch Date at Café Métier

We drove. We parked. We ate and drank. Given today’s heavy rain, my wife Paula and I planned lunch together and Métier’s grand opening was the logical choice. We drove over, which is always an iffy proposition in the Capitol Hill neighborhood: It usually takes us longer to find a …

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Métier: A New Kind of Third Place

After ~6 years at a location off of Nickerson in the Fremont district, Herriott Sports Performance (aka “HSP”) is rebranding as Métier, and relocating to Capitol Hill. During a recent construction-phase tour of the new location with owners Todd Herriott and David Richter, it dawned on me that Métier is …


Peter Cannon’s Beautiful Bike

If there is a “hub” of cycling in Seattle it may very well be the Ballard-Fremont corridor. The two neighborhoods have a dense ecosystem of cycling businesses that include: –Cascade Bicycle Studio (CBS) which offers a personalized bike purchase and fitting process, and has earned some notoriety for their shop …


Cycling from the Core

If your training only includes riding, it’s impossible that you are getting the most out of your time on the bike. If you ever have the good fortune to ride with me, the topic of “core strength” is likely to come up at least once. As the saying goes, “I’ve …


Cross-Training Weekend

What an exceptional weekend to play! Saturday was a ~50 mile “urban cycling” outing from Seattle to Edmonds where we made the requisite bakery stop. The tour was complete with a stroll across the Ballard Locks, a classic Seattle sight on a summer weekend morning: The day’s ride organizer has …


Mt. Baker Backcountry in Grayscale

It’s easy for me to get distracted away from cycling this time of year. Although January and February 2011 didn’t amount to much for skiing, as is often the case, March delivered prodigious snowfall and (mostly) outstanding skiing. It had been a while since I’d ventured into the backcountry, and …


Mid-week Workout

Even if I weren’t a weather weenie, I would still look forward to a periodic suffer session with cycling buddies during the dark months. On Wednesday nights it’s ~90 minutes with Dave Richter or Todd Herriott. We start with a spin on Cycle Ops trainers and finish off with some core conditioning exercises. The combination is a great off-season workout for the whole body.


Introducing the Washington High School Cycling League

The Washington High School Cycling League is just getting started and looking for 500 Facebook fans by Friday as a way to demonstrate that they have the support to move forward. To me it looks like a great alternative to traditional high school sports; how many of us would have jumped on the chance to be part of a cycling league in high school?