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Richard Kresser Running Toward Joy

Beaming with exuberance and emanating positivity, Richard Kresser is a prominent activist expanding the boundaries of running and multisport endurance adventures in the Northwest and beyond. Richard grew up in Iowa, where he felt challenged by an older brother who demonstrated abundant athletic talent. “Growing up, I was always undersized …


Phil Stephens: Exit Interview

After ten years in the Seattle area, Phil “Bilko” Stephens is leaving us to be closer to his family in the midwest. Phil had been working at BikeFit in Kirkland, but was more widely known for teaching skills clinics at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome, and as “the voice” announcing …


Rider Profile: Dennis Crane

Dennis Crane is probably the most visible and creative photographer documenting Seattle’s bike racing scene. At area cyclocross races, and at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome, you’ll see Dennis dashing around with multiple cameras dangling from his tall lanky frame trying get the next perfect shot, or as he puts …


A Bike (Re) Fit

I last got a bike fit back in 2014. That fit was prompted by an incredibly bad day on the bike, which served as a reminder that bike fits should be done periodically, even when you think “nothing has changed.” Most folks seem to consider a bike fit an unnecessary …


Rider Profile: Dale Harless

For me, some of the best inspiration comes from both ends of the age spectrum. Earlier this year we touched base with the young Apex rider, Adrian Magun. In the “age is no excuse category,” Seattle septuagenarian Dale Harless has been a fierce competitor since high school, racing bikes since …


Race Across Oregon: Powered by Teamwork

Ultra endurance bike racers rely on their crew to get them to the finish line. From the outside, bike racing looks like an individual sport. After all, an individual crosses the finish line, and the first person to cross the line gets all of the accolades. In fact, bike racing …


Almost Solstice at Seward

The conditions were spectacular to race bikes and shoot pics at last Thursday’s Seward Park Series: 5:30 Photos 6:00 Photos 7:00 Photos Racing continues every Thursday through August 31.


Everesting Inspiration: Larry Beck

Beginning at 4PM last Saturday June 24th, Daniel Perry, Fabien Le Gallo, Ben Sam Hager, and Aharon Elston attempted a double Everest of Norway Hill in Bothell. Daniel and Fabien successfully completed the double Everest, then Daniel kept going and logged a total of over 20,000 meters of climbing to …

The group stayed together except on the climbs. Credit: Wes Salmon.
Adventure rides

Gravel Comes of Age in the PNW

The PNW gravel riding scene has been incubating for quite a long time (one source even says gravel bikes originated here?), and judging from the increase in gravel/dirt-specific rides popping up in my social stream, this year appears to be an important inflection point. More folks are doing gravel fondo …


Ballard Criterium 2017

Last Saturday was the 24th edition of Ascent Cycles Ballard Criterium powered by Carter Vollkswagen, one of Seattle’s most iconic bike races. Racers compete on a 1/2 mile course on the treacherous streets of Old Ballard, complete with a long brick section on Ballard Ave., and a diabolically-placed manhole cover …