Fewer wrist devices, more butterflies.
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The Unquantified Self

The “quantified self” is a term spawned by Silicon Valley in the late 2000s to describe how health and fitness could be revolutionized through new, enhanced data collection methods using wearables. The premise of self-quantification is that the limitations of the human organism can be enhanced like an engineering upgrade. …

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Northwest Winter Challenge 2019

Winters in the Pacific Northwest are not easy. I know winter, I was raised in Minnesota, land of 10,000 frozen lakes. I lived in Boston for sixteen years, the setting for the movie The Perfect Storm. Winter running in the Pacific Northwest has its own set of challenges. I’m still …

Kendall Katwalk August 18, 2018

Smoke Season Weather Window

I’m surprised to see how many folks have been out running and cycling during the recent smoky weather. It’s as if the rest of us need to HTFU. Current AQI: Exercising in unhealthy air isn’t like lifting weights: it’s not going to make your lungs “stronger.” And, just because you …

Legs and bodies fly onto the backstretch.

Wednesday Evenings with SRC

For most of us, the best way to achieve our health and fitness goals is to join a group, club, or team. It is hugely beneficial to connect with others who are on the same path. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a contemplative activity like yoga or meditation, …


Rocket Ride Celebrates 10th Year

This Saturday November 4 marks the start of the 10th year of the Rocket Ride, hosted by David “Rocket” Richter and Métier. It happens every Saturday until the end of February. Rocket Ride has the reputation as the area’s most challenging ride due to a combination of the route, the …


A Bike (Re) Fit

I last got a bike fit back in 2014. That fit was prompted by an incredibly bad day on the bike, which served as a reminder that bike fits should be done periodically, even when you think “nothing has changed.” Most folks seem to consider a bike fit an unnecessary …


Get Faster by Running with Faster People

Running faster requires determination, commitment and, for me, at least one training partner to drag me along. While I know plenty of people are able to do long runs and tempos solo, I rarely meet a speedster who can consistently get hard work done on the track by themselves. I …


7 Tips to Make Racing With Friends Fun

So you excitedly signed up for a race and realized that you have no one to go with? Fear not! I have some tips on how to get your friends to join in on the fun. 1. Choose an interesting or easy to access race Driveable, or right in town, …


5 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day with Other Runners

Did you know that Global Running Day is June 7th? Thousands of runners all over the world celebrate their love of the sport by trekking the trails, pounding the pavement, and in some cases, firing up the treadmill. Because runners like to share our excitement for the sport, Global Running …

Best practices

Regroup, Refocus, Recover

Take your ego out of recovery. A pulled hamstring has put a damper on my return to mountain biking this season. I can spin quite nicely, but don’t have the push or power to keep up with my usual riding buddies. Falling off the back of the pack is discouraging — and …