Andy Bokanev
Cycling photography

Chris Wilson
I am an editorial and commercial photographer in beautiful Seattle, WA. I’m a road cyclist, twin, and a fan of My Morning Jacket.

My photographic style? I’m always searching for great light, vibrant colors and clean compositions. Add great people with great expressions and storytelling emotions, and then you have a great picture.

I’m proud of my Kentucky heritage. That means I love bourbon, horses and rolling hills. I’m also proud of my adopted home state of Washington, its natural beauty and its dedication to living a green and sustainable lifestyle.

I hated coffee until I moved to Seattle; now I can’t seem to get enough. Seattle truly is one of the meccas for great coffee.

My work has been recognized by College Photographer of the Year, the Kentucky News Photographer’s Association and the Boston Globe; my work has been published by The New York Times, TIME, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, NBC News and ABC News, to name a few.

David Longdon
Cycling, running, hiking, and skiing photography

DBC Photo | Dennis Crane
It all started as a sherpa for my dad. I would carry his Zeiss Icon SLR around ready to hand it to him when he saw a scene worth capturing on film. Much later it was to capture a new life in Central America. With adulthood came as some might say an obsession with bicycles, the digital world and a chance to improve as an action photographer by grabbing images of my children as they became accomplished national level cyclists. Now you will see me at many local, regional and national race courses as I strive to create an image that conveys the energy, drama and feeling of the event- an action portrait.

My photos have been published in,, ,, Bicycling Paper, Bellingham Herald, and on Pacific Northwest cycling team’s web pages as promotional content.

Evrgrn Photo | Tory Hernandez
Cycling, endurance sports and adventure photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Tory is a Seattle-area sports photographer, specializing in cycling and endurance sports. She enjoys getting to spend time outdoors with athletes and seeing races play out on the faces of the competitors. Her goal is to capture individual moments of passion and dedication, as well as document the scenic locations where racing takes place.

Glenn Takayama
Trail running photography

Takao Suzuki
Trail running photography

Wheels in Focus | Amara Edwards
Road and track cycling

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