The Streets of Seattle

SR 520 Trail Opening Day

Wednesday 12/20 at 3PM was the long-anticipated official opening of the SR 520 Trail across Lake Washington. The new multi-use path opens up new recreational, commuter, and pedestrian options between Seattle and the east side. There is still some work yet to be completed for the 24th Avenue East Bridge, …

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Bicycle culture

Futurama Redux: Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil

Given Seattle’s explosive growth, the arrival of a new exhibition about urban transportation is well-timed. Futurama Redux: Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil, which will be a the at the Center for Architecture & Design December 7 through February 17 is the first full U.S. showing of an international traveling …

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Ragsdale & Crew Successful at Moab 240

Seattle’s Chris Ragsdale, considered one of the US’ top ultra cyclists, has increasingly put his athletic efforts into ultra running. As Chris’ training buddy Jim Ryan has noted, Chris is building a resume as an all-around ultra athlete. After a successful but painful 2013 Race Across America, Chris re-evaluated his …

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Adult beverages

Destination: Walla Walla

Walla Walla is highly regarded for its sweet onions, wine and food, and for being a top-tier cycling destination. Although I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1994, I’m embarrassed to admit I rarely venture east of the Cascade Crest. Given the great cycling in the places I’ve lived during …

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Rocket Ride Celebrates 10th Year

This Saturday November 4 marks the start of the 10th year of the Rocket Ride, hosted by David “Rocket” Richter and Métier. It happens every Saturday until the end of February. Rocket Ride has the reputation as the area’s most challenging ride due to a combination of the route, the …

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Paddle sports

Greg Barton, Pedaling Paddler

If you’ve been cycling (or doing whatever your sport is) for very long, you quickly realize to never to underestimate anyone’s abilities, despite physical appearances. First impressions can be deceiving. A few years ago, at the start of a High Performance Cycling team ride, Greg Barton introduced himself as a …

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A Bike (Re) Fit

I last got a bike fit back in 2014. That fit was prompted by an incredibly bad day on the bike, which served as a reminder that bike fits should be done periodically, even when you think “nothing has changed.” Most folks seem to consider a bike fit an unnecessary …

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Jessica Kelley Goes Wild

I first got to know Jessica Kelley in 2013 when she was a coach with Cycle University, and was the liaison with the Cascade Bicycle Club’s High Performance Cycling team. At the time she probably thought of herself as a triathlete, and as you can see in the video below, …

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Bicycle culture

Coffeeneuring 2017: Riding for Coffee and Baked Goods

Some of the best bike rides include a stop for coffee and baked goods, ideally with a couple of buddies. In 2010, several Randonneurs formalized the linkage between cycling, coffee, and pastries into an annual Coffeeneuring Challenge. Coffeeneuring was conceived by Seattle Randonneur Joe Platzner (who also briefly served as …

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Best practices

Self-Restraint on the BGT

Saturday morning between 8 and 9 I was cycling northbound on the Burke Gilman Trail (aka the “BGT” or simply “the trail”) to join a group ride at Log Boom Park. The BGT is a 27-mile multi-use recreational trail that runs from Ballard, along the Lake Washington Ship Canal, then …

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