Most of the blog content in Seattle in Motion originated as Velocity: The Seattle Area Cycling Blog, which launched in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (aka “the P-I”) in 2007. At that time the P-I had both a print and digital version, and was trying to refine its digital strategy. They developed (originated?) the concept of “microlocal” blogging–neighborhood scale blogs and reports. Based on a personal blog David Longdon produced while he lived in Eugene, OR, he was added to the “Reader Blogger” section of the P-I. “Velocity” focused on the Seattle-area recreational cycling scene, and included rider profiles, route and trip reports, and occasional gear reviews.

Additional blog content came from a blog that was produced during the early development of motion.social.

Like Velocity, Northwest in Motion has great content for and about cyclists, but is broader in scope:

  • a comprehensive regional calendar of running and cycling events from British Columbia to Northern California. This handy calendar has all of the events in which you might be interested in one handy location.
  • coverage of the region’s running scene, similar to the previous stories in Velocity
  • coverage of regional fitness destinations, trips, and routes that you might want to add to your hit list
  • curated directories of favorite cycling, running, and mountain/hiking gear shops
  • curated directories of favorite coffee shops and craft breweries

Content Producers

David Longdon is an adrenaline enthusiast. After graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Zoology, he managed a ski shop in Vail for three years, which laid the foundation for a fitness-focused lifestyle. He was a classroom teacher from 1987 to 1994 (earning a Masters in Education at CU Boulder along the way). After leaving the classroom his work focused on technologies for K-12 education. David is a lifelong learner and completed an MBA at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business in June 2013. His first post-MBA entrepreneurial adventure is motion.social.

David targets adventures that are challenging, scenic, and memorable. In 2008 and 2013 David competed on 4-man teams that won the 500+ mile Race Across Oregon. David co-manages the Cascade Bicycle Club’s High Performance Cycling Team.

Lauren Baker is a freelance writer who pursues adventures on mountain bike trails, and kayaking, hiking, and skiing in Central Oregon’s beautiful high desert country near Bend. Lauren produces Dressage for Mere Mortals.

Meg Gayman is a runner, CrossFitter, coach, writer, video producer, wife and mom. She likes life on the move.

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